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Responsible storage  and full service of warehouse 

Warehouse benefits:

Guarded area - 24 hours x 7 days

Convenient location

Unit weight up to 1.5 t

Heated warehouse

Shelf height - 8m

Accounting of stored goods

The opportunity to adapt to client's needs

Send rate request for storage of your goods and start planning your business, because warehouse is not a problem anymore.

Other services

 Have a look at some other services we offer below!

Warehouse inventory count

We will perform A, B or C class warehouse inventory count, or simply a non-compulsory inventory count, on your date and time of choise.

Independent auditors.

Convenient arrangements. 

Easily accessible and precise inventory balance.

High execution speed.

Substitute services

Our specialists can substitute your staff during vacation, long-term sick leave or maternity leave. 


Skilled staff

Task execution

Warehouse management services

Does the warehouse keep operating but there just  seems to be no progress? We’ll take over the warehouse management functions!

A weekly meeting to discuss task execution, new assignments and achievements.

Our services guarantee constant warehouse development!

Warehouse development

Improved knowledge

Professional  support 

Coherent development plan

Storage of goods

Storage of goods according to your requirements. Security 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 


Guarded warehouse

Costs only for used space

Simple extension of storage area

Additional warehouse services

Value added service

We will make your product more attractive and interesting to customers. Packing of "Gift package", adding instructions or warranty card, sticker labeling will not cause any problems for us.

Service is possible in our premises and in yours as well.

Planning of time resource

Available manpower

The cost of each project

Daily work is not disturbed

Full warehouse service

Freight unloading, storage, sorting according to your orders, pick & pack, loading and, of course, stock accounting.


All service in one hands

Online stock checking

Costs only for work done

Task execution

Warehouse audit

Does the warehouse keep operating but there just  seems to be no progress? We’ll take over the warehouse management functions!

With pleasure We appreciate your warehouse work processes. During the audit process will be evaluated - the vertical space; order picking method and goods flow.

Different view of the current situation

Independent expert evaluation

Action plan

Profesional support

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